Your local schools have a huge impact on the value of your home. Thanks to a higher focus on school performance it’s easier to find out what neighborhoods in your area have the highest ranked districts.

This is great news for the family buyer. While you’re searching for your dream home you can also make sure that you’re picking a location that is beneficial to your children’s education.

Here are the top five districts in the Puget Sound area and what makes them so great.

Top Five School Districts

1) Bellevue School District

Not just the highest ranked school district in the Puget Sound, Bellevue School District is the top ranking district of 2016 across the entire state of Washington. With top rankings in Academics, college readiness, and  teachers, it’s no surprise Bellevue School District made it to the top.

Bellevue school district also has an 89% graduation rate and a 20:1 student to teacher ratio.

2) Bainbridge Island School District

School Home Buyer Facts

Across all of Washington State you will not find higher ranked Administration for your student than Bainbridge Island School District.

Bainbridge’s high district ratings are likely achieved by the size of the district. Bainbridge is small by comparison to its competitors on the list. This district has 7 schools making up its district. Bellevue School District has 24.

Bainbridge Island School District has a 93% Graduation Rate and 20:1 student to teacher ratio.

3) Mercer Island School District

Another School District that can boast its small size, Mercer Island is another district with only 7 schools to its name.  With a 20:1 student to teacher ratio and a 93% graduation rate, Niche gave this district an A+.

4) Lake Washington School District

One of the largest school districts in Washington State, Lake Washington School District also ranks one of the highest. With 53 total schools in its district as of 2015 finding a neighborhood with a house for sale that also hit’s an LWSD school shouldn’t be too hard.

Lake Washington School District has a slightly lower student to teacher ratio than the other districts on this list, hitting 19:1 with a 89% graduation rate.

5) Camas School District

The Camas School District comes in at number 5 of Niche’s Top Five School Districts in Washington hitting an overall grade of A with a 93% graduation rate and a 20:1 student to teacher ratio.

What Does My District Mean For My Home?

A good district can mean everything for family buyers. Some parents will go house hunting with district maps in hand, unwilling to even look in a house if it falls outside of district lines. In a 2013 survey, 91% of home buyers said school boundaries were important to their search.

Education is a dedication to many parents. They want to see their children succeed, and making sure that the schools and districts their children will be going through are critical to that success.

So be sure to take that extra step to check district lines. It can be critical both to buying your families next home, as well as checking the value of your current home. 91